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Your studio is a setting where workers incessantly launch their ideas and complete assignments. Most people tend to ignore the importance of appropriate office furniture, an efficient and personalized work flavor that is engineered expertly boosts productivity and creativity. One such furniture crafted to satisfy different office needs impeccably is Del Mar series from DMI Office Furniture, it is ideal for studio ambiance and home based studios. It has all the units that are needed for filing, meeting with clients and supporting working tools like computers, faxes, paperwork, books among others. DMI Office Furniture DelMar Series There are storage compartments that are strategically located on DMI Office Furniture L-shaped desk; they provide handy accessibility of files. The desk is highly versatile, not only are there storage compartments that open smoothly but also there are wire management appliances. The patch cords and wires are latent as they are veiled by veneer covers that pass underneath the top of the desk. Since there are storage spaces in your desk, you can easily keep out of view various documents and retrieve them with ease. The compartments and storage spaces are uniquely designed to provide maximum ventilation, protection and tidiness of the contents like a computer, printer and other electronics. DMI Office Furniture Del Mar collection is elegant and flatters the interior décor of your studio. The use of wood enriches the classic feel, while other materials used alongside it like glass make the ensemble to adopt an ambiance of modernity. This also creates a transitional surrounding as the materials used are different. Furthermore, with this furniture, your studio appears professional due to the consistency of the desks, chairs, storage units and other conspicuous elements with a cohering aesthetics. The matching hutches and cabinets featured behind your work station and other storage spaces are sufficient for you to keep your supplies and other items organized. Del Mar by DMI Furniture comes in a comprehensive ensemble, convenient for home based and corporate environments. You can also acquire the matching side chair where you can have your clients seat. You will also enjoy manufacturer’s warranty and you can shop online without hassles.